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What are the functions of the high concentration ozone water machine?
- 2020-06-15-

  High concentration ozone water machineWill it cause harm to the human body in the home use? Just like the computer will produce radiation, many household appliances will produce something harmful to the human body. But will this kind of damage reach the point where it can't be used? In fact, we are still using electrical appliances such as mobile phones and computers. So what are the functions of the high concentration ozone water machine?

1. Time-saving: You can buy vegetables for more than a few days at a time.

2. Water saving: the water used to disinfect vegetables can be used to disinfect dishes, flush toilets, sterilize and deodorize, and improve the quality of sewage.

3. Save money: buy fewer useful electrical appliances, such as water purifiers and disinfection cabinets.

4. Save disease: The active oxygen machine can avoid all kinds of pollution damage to the human body, so that the body's health and immunity will be enhanced, and the disease will be reduced.

5. Save money for bottled water: households with drinking fountains can connect to tap water after drinking, and treat them for 30 minutes to completely meet drinking water standards, and the entire process of disinfection makes the drinking fountains free of secondary pollution.

6. Saving medical expenses: It can cure toothache, stomatitis, skin pruritus, hemorrhoids, fanghua tease, athlete's foot, stomachache, gastroenteritis, allergies, etc., saving a lot of medical expenses every year.

7. Save the cost of beauty, no longer need to buy gynecological lotion, Jieeryin and other women's hygiene treatment products.

8. Save the cost of air freshener, deodorant, 84 disinfectant and other air mushroom products.

9. Save the cost of washing powder, detergent, cleaning, toothpaste, etc.

The same is true for high-concentration ozone water machines. High-concentration ozone water machines can damage the human body, but the amount of ozone generated by high-concentration ozone water machines is far less than that of harming the human body. Just use it correctly and basically no damage will happen. The above is the function of the high-concentration ozone water machine introduced by the editor of Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd. I hope that the introduction of the editor can be helpful to you.