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How is the large ozone disinfection machine disinfected in the pharmaceutical process?
- 2020-07-17-

Ozone decomposes into oxygen by itself, without residual pollution, and quickly kills all pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, spores, fungi and the like. For China's food production, processing and packaging workshops, it can achieve the effects of sterilization, disinfection and purification, improving the quality of my country's food safety and health services, and extending the shelf life of food. Our country does not meet the requirements of food processing hygiene, residual pollution of food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and can reduce residual pesticides and fertilizers. How does the large ozone disinfection machine disinfect?

1. Ozone sterilization

In a food factory, a pharmaceutical company needs to immerse the raw material objects through the surface sterilization flow problem to form a sterile material on the surface (a packaging container technology that uses a high concentration of ozone gas to completely sterilize the students). The fruit after washing can be sterile and can be made into concentrated juice. In the processing of aquatic products-before the design of frozen food packaging, through high-concentration ozone water spray sterilization or over-flow immersion sterilization, the sanitary technical indicators of aquatic products have reached a perfect control, avoiding use without excessive development. The problem of chlorine chlorination. An efficient disconnect processing (such as beverages, fruit juices, etc.) and production of drugs developed, can be used to soak pipeline systems, production equipment and containers and rinse high-concentration ozone water, so that the liquid can be realized as food bacteria. Bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of pipes, equipment and containers are killed and showered, very simple and easy. This will not develop dead corners, and at the same time avoid the emission of harmful gases and residual substances in student life and other chemical disinfectants caused by the use of other chemical disinfectants, but the large ozone disinfection machine does not have any residues and secondary pollution.

2. Ozone can degrade pesticides

It can be used to remove harmful substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, and food safety additives by being widely used in social and public life, food, canteens, fruit and vegetable processing plants, food processing plants, etc.

3. Ozone can be used for water treatment

Industrial water can be widely used for algae prevention, sterilization, sterilization and disease prevention of aquaculture water, deodorization, decolorization, and sterilization in the sewage treatment process.

4. Ozone can keep food fresh

Can be widely used in refrigeration plants, food processing plants, livestock slaughter plants and other units in the process of social production management technology processing trade development research process of raw materials and finished products storage, preservation, disinfection process design teaching process.

5. Ozone has the function of purifying and cleaning

Large-scale ozone disinfection machine can be widely used in laundry and washing clothes. It is an ideal equipment for hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries. It can be widely used in the purification and cleaning of social development public management service occasions, toilets, and production and operation venues.