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The function and technical points of small ozone machine for edible fungus inoculation
- 2020-06-19-

Ozone is a high-efficiency sterilizing agent, which can kill or suppress more than 50 bacteria and molds in a short time. Ozone can be reduced to pure oxygen in the natural environment, and quickly convert harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide into harmless gases, purify the air, and improve the growth of edible fungi and the working environment of personnel.

The technology of generating ozone ions by high-frequency and high-voltage discharge has many advantages such as one-time input, long-term use, energy saving and electricity saving. The small ozone machine for edible fungus inoculation effectively handles three problems:

1. The contamination rate of bacterial bags is controlled below 3 to 5%, and the survival rate of inoculation is high;

2. The environmental pollution and human damage caused by the disinfection of the pharmaceutical environment have been dealt with, and the inoculation should be operated in a purified environment.

3. The success rate of inoculation and production of mushroom bags in a large area is high.

The technical points are now introduced as follows:

1. The mushroom room is sterilized in a room of 15 square meters to 30 square meters, built into a multi-layer mushroom rack, and prepares for mushroom planting. Then install a UV lamp at a higher place indoors (20 cm to 30 cm away from the ceiling), close the windows and doors, and turn it on for 1 hour, which will achieve more than 95% of the sterilization effect (the expected goal is reached within 15 minutes of turning on Sterilization is more thorough, and it can be turned on for 30 to 60 minutes. The machine consumes only 15 watts of electricity per hour. If the door and window are not opened after shutdown, the air in the window can be kept clean for about a week).

2. The medium treatment medium is prepared according to the original formula, and it is spread on the indoor shelf. After everything is ready, turn on the machine for 1 hour (because the specific gravity of ozone is 1.65 times that of air, the machine is placed in a higher place. The ozone that is falling from a high place will make the ozone widespread.

3. Cultivation Move the inoculated strains into the mushroom room, turn on the machine and sterilize for 30 minutes, then turn off the machine, and investigate the growth of edible fungi every day. In order to ensure a good environment for the growth of bacteria, after each door is opened for investigation, it can be turned on for 15 minutes and sealed after shutdown to avoid the growth of humus and miscellaneous bacteria and promote the healthy growth of edible fungi. For convenient operation, the power switch of the sterilizer can be installed in a convenient place outside the door of the mushroom room. After entering the room, the door will be closed and the machine will be turned off at regular intervals.