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Can a small family ozone machine remove formaldehyde?
- 2020-06-22-

Yes, formaldehyde is the first major hazard of decorative pollution. In order to eliminate formaldehyde, people have adopted many methods. From the perspective of elimination, ozone can be regarded as an important contributor to elimination of formaldehyde. Ozone is a natural green decomposer, small ozone The machine-used ozone removes formaldehyde for centering and is more complete.

Many friends regard the removal of formaldehyde as an important part of management when managing decoration pollution. Formaldehyde is a great hazard to people's health. This is a work that is obvious to all. How to eliminate formaldehyde is a problem that people care about. If formaldehyde is unclean, it cannot be guaranteed. A healthy living environment is also a threat to physical and mental health.

At present, for the elimination of formaldehyde, most people use methods such as room placement, green plant adsorption, activated carbon adsorption, professional formaldehyde removal, air purifiers, use of formaldehyde agents, etc., decorative materials for decoration, painting Coatings are the primary source of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has a certain periodicity. Generally, the evaporation cycle of formaldehyde can reach 3-15 years. These commonly used eradication methods can eradicate a small amount of formaldehyde only temporarily. Regarding the eradication of continuously evaporating formaldehyde These methods have little effect. These methods have limited eradication ability, so that formaldehyde cannot be completely eradicated. Ozone is a little unfamiliar to people, but it is indeed another useful way to eradicate ozone. For completely eradicating formaldehyde, ozone has to be called an expert.

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen. At room temperature, a small ozone generator is a blue gas with a special smell. Many people are more sensitive to the smell of ozone, but although ozone smells, it is very useful for people's lives. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties. It is both a green oxidizing decomposer and a spectrally efficient green disinfectant. Formaldehyde is a "good dish" of ozone.

Due to the strong oxidizing characteristics of the small ozone generator, it chemically reacts with the formaldehyde in the decorative pollution. After the formaldehyde is filled in the space, the formaldehyde is oxidized and restored to generate colorless and odorless carbon dioxide and water, which can be activated after 30 minutes Recovering to oxygen is not only about formaldehyde, but also for organic vapors such as benzene in decorative pollution. After "improving and repacking" harmful substances in the air, they are released into the air in the form of oxygen.

The ozone eradication of formaldehyde is different from other methods. There will be no dead ends and can completely eradicate decorative pollutants. In particular, formaldehyde is completely wiped out in a fast time without causing secondary pollution. In addition, ozone is also an efficient green disinfectant, which can kill bacteria, or bacterial spores and viruses in a few seconds. , Fungus, etc.

In a certain concentration of ozone environment for 15 minutes, the killing rate is over 99.99%. In the eradication of decorative pollution, especially regarding the complete eradication of formaldehyde, ozone is an efficient and effective helper. Ozone as an important role in the removal of formaldehyde cannot be ignored. We must make full use of it to better serve our lives.