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What are the advantages of the large ozone disinfection machine?
- 2020-06-24-

Large-scale ozone disinfection machines are also called ozone generators. Can ozone generators remove formaldehyde? First, we must understand the principle of ozone generators. The ozone generators we generally use now use high-voltage discharge to generate ozone. Oxygen generators generally use Oxygen production, using the principle of physical adsorption, uses air as the material at room temperature to separate nitrogen and oxygen in the air to directly obtain high-purity ozone. What are the advantages of the large ozone disinfection machine?

1. The ozone generator can also remove peculiar smell, bleaching and decolorization of household toilets;

2. Eliminate the odor differentiation of cabinets, refrigerators, oil fume and wastes such as toluene, ethanol, sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases; deodorize wardrobes and shoe cabinets, and commonly use ozone sterilization for sneakers and socks, which can prevent Hong Kong foot infections. Can eliminate odor;

3. Remove the smell of tobacco, alcohol, decoration, and carpet; remove pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits and vegetables, and ozone bath can be carried out with the water treated by the ozone generator.

One, the ozone generator generates high voltage through the principle of electricity;

Second, after the high voltage reaches a certain level, the air is broken down and the molecules in the air are ionized. The oxygen molecules in the meantime are ionized to produce ozone molecules composed of three oxygen atoms. Therefore, most people call the ozone generator&"negative oxygen ion generator GG".

3. Ozone can immediately react with unsaturated organic compounds, so ozone can be used as a powerful sterilant, destroying molecular cell walls and inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms.

Of course, the ozone generator can remove the formaldehyde after home decoration. Many homes and workplaces now use ozone generators for sterilization after decoration, so that the formaldehyde in the family or workplace can meet the standard and can be directly moved in. But formaldehyde is indoor furniture. After the paint is removed once, the furniture and paint will continuously release formaldehyde. If there is no formaldehyde in the room, on the one hand, you need to use better paint and environmentally friendly furniture. On the other hand, you need to maintain ventilation so that the daily formaldehyde can be used. Expelled.