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What are the main applications of large ozone generators?
- 2020-06-29-

1. Bathroom and toilet

The sewer can’t be kept closed all the time, and the dirty air inside will enter our bathroom through the floor drain. Although we do a good job of cleaning the bathroom every day, it still smells bad because of the bacteria. Smell. At this time, we need to prepare a basin of clean tap water, and thenLarge ozone machineThe air pipe of the tube is passed into the tap water to make ozone water, and then poured into the sewer of the bathroom. Because the ozone water in the large-scale ozone machine has a strong sterilization function, these bacteria are quickly eliminated.

2. Towels and bath towels in life

The towels we use in our lives still smell a bit no matter how we clean them after a long time. then what should we do? Similarly, we can soak used towels and bath towels in ozone-treated water for about 20 minutes, and the smell will disappear.

3. Volatile substances such as paint and formaldehyde in newly decorated houses

Formaldehyde is a common indoor pollution source. Because the volatilization of formaldehyde can have a low boiling point at room temperature, it is a toxic gas, and long-term inhalation of carcinogenic formaldehyde has to be prevented. Some friends will place green plants or activated carbon stoves at home. Although these companies can remove formaldehyde through a certain degree of influence, their action time is also limited. In fact, we can use the mechanism of a large ozone generator to introduce ozone for furniture and indoor air disinfection. Ozone can diffuse in the air, so that formaldehyde can be removed without death and nowhere to hide.

4. For some people with allergies, kill mites

Mites are actually quite annoying. They are parasitic on dust and clothes, dandruff, and hair as food, which can make life come out of herpes and itching is unbearable. We can use a large ozone machine to kill mites and eggs in the storage room and completely eliminate hidden dangers.

5. Cleaning of fruits, vegetables and meat

Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and organic meat hormones are extremely harmful to the human body. If you are not careful, over time, it will cause health problems. However, with a large ozone machine, we don’t need to worry about learning. You can clean the fruits, vegetables and meat in the ozone-enhanced water for about 15 minutes, then take them out and put them in a clean place for about 15 minutes. It can be developed as a food ingredient.