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Types and application fields of small ozone generators
- 2020-06-11-

Small ozone generators are mainly used for air sterilization and surface sterilization in processing workshops, purification workshops and similar places in the food, drug and cosmetics industries. Small ozone generators can be divided into: mobile, wall-mounted, chandelier, floor-standing, etc. according to the installation method. When small ozone generators are used in GMP workshops and HVAC systems of pharmaceutical factories, they are usually divided into internal and external types. A machine that uses an ozone generator to produce ozone is called a small ozone machine, where ozone is used as a disinfectant.

Types of small ozone generators

1. High-voltage discharge type small ozone generator

2. Ultraviolet small ozone generator

3. Electrolytic small ozone generator.

The application areas of small ozone generators are:

1. Public places of enterprises and institutions: corporate sewage treatment, community property companies (collaboration), hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, cultural entertainment halls, beauty salons, sterile rooms, warehouses and hotels, guest rooms, museums and other units.

2. The sterilization rate of the purification workshop of the electronic factory of the food factory, the GMP workshop and the sterile room of the pharmaceutical factory is as high as 99%, which fully meets the Chinese standards.

3. Industries requiring factory production and processing hygiene: production workshops, packaging workshops, garages, work clothes, etc.

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