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How to use small ozone disinfection machine correctly?
- 2020-05-06-

Because of the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, our various ozone disinfection equipment has been widely used and recognized in the market. Nowadays, the ozone disinfection machine that is in high demand on the market is mainly used for the disinfection of processing workshops in the food industry, cosmetics industry, medicine and other major industries. When ozone sterilizers are used in GMP workshops, pharmaceutical factories, and HVAC systems, there are generally two types: external and internal. Here is mainly to popularize how we should use it correctly and safelySmall ozone disinfection machineWhat?

First of all, according to the working environment and usage requirements, the appropriate ozone disinfection machine should be selected correctly, and then the ozone disinfection machine should be well grounded to prevent thunder and lightning; all such ozone disinfection equipment should work in a dry and oil-free place, so It can effectively extend the service life of the ozone disinfection machine; ozone disinfection equipment is basically used for water treatment, and the ozone output port must be connected to a check valve. (It should be noted that the check valve has positive and negative sides, before installation Confirm that there is an ozone output. If no ozone occurs after connecting the check valve, it indicates that the check valve is connected reversely.)

Water backflow must be avoided here to avoid short-circuit conditions and damage to the ozone sterilizer; the ozone sterilizer should not be placed in the sterilization area to work. For safety at work, the small ozone sterilizer should be placed in a separate working area, and then use silica gel The ozone produced should be transported to the disinfection area; the ozone disinfection machine should be checked and protected after a period of use. If there is an abnormality, it should be shut down immediately to ensure that the machine has no problems before normal use; in order to prevent the ozone disinfection machine from getting wet, it should be turned over every week Turn on the air pump switch and close the concentration adjustment. After working for more than three hours, clean the water vapor in the machine to achieve a good equipment protection.

The Ministry of Health of our country stated clearly in the "Sanitary Standards" drafted in 1979: the safety standard for small ozone disinfection machines is 0.15ppm. The International Ozone Sterilizer Association also has rules: Use the ozone sterilizer in a professional room, at a concentration of 0.1ppm, allowed to work for about ten hours; the ozone concentration that the human body must respond to is 0.5-1ppm, so the time allowed to touch ozone is 1.5 About hours, if you inhale ozone for too long, you will have discomfort such as dry mouth.

When the ozone concentration is 1-4ppm, the human body will cough when inhaled, and the allowable touch time is 1 hour. When the ozone concentration reaches 4-10ppm, the human body will cough fiercely, and the time allowed to touch does not exceed 20 minutes; the ozone generated by the ozone disinfector is safe, and the ozone half-life is about 20-50 minutes, and the differentiated ozone will change It is oxygen, no secondary residual pollution will occur, and it can achieve safe and efficient disinfection and sterilization for food, medicine, cosmetics, etc.