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Is it reliable to buy a large ozone disinfector online?
- 2020-06-08-

Recently, the tension in the special period has not been completely relieved. If you have car owners carrying relatives and friends, especially strangers, you must pay attention to the disinfection work in the car. Although many auto beauty shops did not open their doors, the editor found that there are shops selling some car ozone disinfection machines on a treasure. Today, the editor will tell us whether this large-scale ozone disinfection machine is reliable.

Ozone disinfection refers to the treatment technology that uses ozone as a disinfectant. Ozone is a strong oxidant. It directly or indirectly oxidizes inorganic and organic matter by using many radical free radicals and new ecological oxygen generated in the reaction, and enters the cells of bacteria to oxidize intracellular organic matter, and then achieve the purpose of sterilization.

The ozone sterilization of large ozone disinfection machine has the following 3 methods:

1. Ozone can oxidize the enzymes needed to differentiate the internal glucose of bacteria, and make the bacteria inactivate and die.

2. Directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroy their organelles, DNA, and RNA, destroy the metabolism of bacteria and cause the death of bacteria.

3. Arrange through the cell membrane, invade the cell, and act on the lipoprotein of the outer membrane and the lipopolysaccharide inside, causing the bacteria to undergo permeability distortion and dissolve and die.

Ozone sterilization is a method of bacteriolysis, complete sterilization, no residue, broad-spectrum sterilization, and can kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc. In addition, ozone has a killing effect on mold. Because of its poor stability, ozone will quickly differentiate into oxygen or a single oxygen atom by itself, and a single oxygen atom can form oxygen molecules by itself without any toxic residue. Therefore, ozone is a pollution-free disinfectant that can quickly diffuse to The entire sterilization space has no dead ends for sterilization.

However, ozone disinfection also has certain disadvantages. One is that the price is higher than traditional disinfection methods, and the price of a vehicle-mounted ozone disinfection machine is about 1,000 yuan less. In addition, no people should be left in the car during ozone disinfection, and air circulation should be maintained after disinfection to avoid adverse reactions due to excessive ozone concentration.