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What are the important parameter standards for aerator accessories in public spaces?
- 2020-04-24-

With the continuous improvement and improvement of people's economic living standards, the demand for health is gradually increasing, and more and more people are also actively purchasing spare parts of aerators in public places for home oxygen therapy or health care. In clinical practice, people often ask what kind of oxygen generator to buy, but many doctors don't know much about it. Therefore, today we will talk about the common sense of oxygen generators that should be necessary. First of all, let us understand the important parameters of the oxygen concentrator. Before purchasing, please pay attention to know whether the important parameters of the aerator accessories in public places meet the requirements.

Public space aerator accessoriesThe characteristic is that oxygen inhalation directly increases the oxygen content of arterial blood, rather than acting on a certain part of the body to indirectly improve hypoxia, but it is only increasing the oxygen that the body has been continuously taking in throughout life. There are no substances that are unfamiliar to the body, need to be adapted, and need to be resolved. Therefore, the accessories of public space aerators only improve rather than change the body's natural physiological state and biochemical environment. Low flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care do not require special guidance. The effect is fast and certainly beneficial and harmless. Oxygen therapy has the effect of alleviating the symptoms of hypoxia in time, but it has only a partial and gradual effect on eliminating the causes of hypoxia. For the correction of physiological hypoxia and environmental hypoxia, due to environmental hypoxia, oxygen therapy is the main method for space aerators in public places. For correcting rational hypoxia, oxygen therapy is an important auxiliary means. For emergency rescue, oxygen therapy is one of the important means.

Conversion method of oxygen concentration and flow rate of oxygen generator in public space aerator accessories:

Calculation formula: reaching alveolar oxygen concentration%=21+4×oxygen generator flow rate (L/min)

Nursing science points out that the oxygen content in the air is 21%. If we breathe in an oxygen concentration below 25%, it is similar to the oxygen content in the air and has no therapeutic value. If the concentration is higher than 70%, it lasts more than 1-2 days. Oxygen poisoning occurred. Therefore, patients with cardiopulmonary diseases need to use 3 liters or above liu oxygen generator.