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How to correctly and reasonably select the accessories of aerators in public spaces?
- 2020-04-19-

How to correctly and rationally choose the accessories of space aerators in public places is a difficult problem for users to choose. Therefore, under many unstable environmental factors, accurately evaluate the use of space aerators in public places, such as water temperature, species of animals raised, and breeding. The density of animals, the salinity of the water body, the climate and temperature, the natural wind speed and pressure, the depth of the pond size, the amount of water fertilization, the amount of feed, the flow rate of the natural water circulation, etc. are all important factors in selecting the performance of the aerator.

1. The impeller-type public space aerator accessories have good power effects and large working area, suitable for the breeding of four major domestic fishes.

2. The power effect of the accessories of the waterwheel type aerator in public places is also very good, the push flow effect is strong, the surface layer of the water body is obviously oxygenated, and it is suitable for shrimp and crab animals.

3. Submersible and jet aerators are suitable for deep water aquaculture and longer ponds.

4. Spatial aerator accessories for water spraying in public places can also increase oxygen in small ponds, suitable for small fish ponds in garden-style tourist areas, and large ponds will not work.

5. The deeper the water of the inflatable aerator, the better it can dissolve oxygen up and down the water body without damaging the body of the fish and shrimp. It is suitable for aeration in fish and shrimp fry ponds.

Among them, the water wheel aerator is the most efficient type of aeration equipment at present. The water wheel aerator is the principle of convection spreading from the upper and lower layers of the water body to the surroundings. The four-paddle flow improves the dissolved oxygen content of the water body. Used in shrimp and crab farming.