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Suggestions for customers in plateau areas to purchase oxygen generators
- 2019-12-05-

Oxygen concentrator is a type of machine that produces oxygen. Its principle is to use air separation technology. Firstly, the air is compressed with high density and then the difference in the condensation point of each component in the air is used to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then it is obtained by further rectification. The air in the plateau is thin, generally only 50-70% of the density of the plain. It is very difficult for ordinary plain oxygen generators to make oxygen on plateau. Plateau oxygen concentrator is a comprehensive challenge faced by oxygen concentrator manufacturers. Based on years of experience in the development and production of high-altitude oxygen generators, Xinqing Gas has summarized the following points of purchase advice for customers in plateau areas:

1. Select a plateau oxygen generator with an oxygen concentration of 90%, which can be detected by the instrument or built-in oxygen monitoring equipment.

2. The noise level of the oxygen generator equipment is preferably less than 45 decibels. The plateau oxygen concentrator is an electrical appliance with a long working time, and the noise cannot be too loud. Otherwise, it will affect other people's rest, especially at night, so the sound response of the oxygen generator should be small.

3. A good manufacturer of oxygen concentrators should pass ISO World and CE European quality system certification, and pay attention to the oxygen concentrator brands listed for more than two years, so that they have better quality assurance and related certifications.

4. Strong oxygen production capacity. The compressor displacement is better to reach 3.8 cubic meters-4.2 cubic meters per hour. In this way, in a living room with a large space, an oxygen concentrator with a large exhaust capacity can ensure that there is a sufficient oxygen supply for every part of the space.

5. With cumulative timing function. It can calculate the service life of the oxygen concentrator and provide objective and accurate data for future maintenance and operation. The world standard requires the oxygen generator to be equipped with a cumulative timer, which also reflects the quality of the product. A good oxygen generator should have a service life of tens of thousands of hours.