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Should I use an ozone machine for the sea water tank?
- 2019-12-02-

When we use the ozone machine, what we use is its oxidizing and disinfecting effect. Strong oxidation is used to oxidize the organic matter in the tank into inorganic matter, and organic particles into inorganic particles. Disinfection is used to sterilize, kill viruses, kill white spot insects, molds, and spores in the planktonic stage. It can also bleach, deodorize and decolor. The benefits of using an ozone machine are as follows:

1. Make the water transparent and beautiful in color;

2. Manipulate nutrients;

3. Make fish less sick, and provide auxiliary treatment for virus infection, bacterial infection, and white spot parasite infection;

1. The disadvantages of using ozone, which many people worry about, generally pose no threat:

1. Ozone dissolves in water and decays by itself. The half-life in pure water is very long, slightly shorter in tap water and shorter in sea water. Therefore, it is very difficult for the entire tank to reach the concentration that can kill bacteria. This requires a lot of ozone injection in a short period of time, but for ordinary household ozone generators, the amount of ozone generated within a few minutes is only a few milligrams, which is pitiful. Moreover, the ozone generator is directly connected to the egg skimmer, which can only kill the bacteria in the egg skimmer, but not enough to kill the bacteria in the live rock.

2. Ozone will slightly corrode the skimmer. It depends on whether you want to maintain the skimmer or the environment in the tank. Ozone is definitely not available throughout the day. After the water quality is good, the frequency of use will be reduced to every 2 to 3 days. It’s okay to pass for about an hour.

3. If family members feel uncomfortable with the smell of ozone, it is not advisable to use it. Pay attention to the ventilation. It should not affect the human body. However, after all, it is still not smelled and no leakage is good. So pay attention to your ozone machine and check it. Place activated carbon adsorption next to it.

2. How to use the ozone machine:

From the perspective of ozone's oxidizing ability, if it is directly connected to the aquarium or filter tank and the amount is excessive, it is all over. The fins of the light fish are oxidized, and the nitrifying bacteria in the filter tank are reduced; Collapsed. The correct method is to use the ozone machine and the protein skimmer together, and connect the ozone output port to the air inlet of the protein skimmer.

Ozone can combine with dirt in the skimmer and be discharged out of the tank or escape into the air. Activated carbon should be placed at the water outlet of the protein skimmer to absorb the residual ozone, which greatly reduces its risk.

3. The dosage should be less and more quickly:

10 mg of ozone corresponds to 100 liters of water, which is used for about 60 minutes a day, 30 mg of ozone corresponds to 300 liters of water, which is used for about 60 minutes a day, and so on. If you can smell ozone while standing near the fish tank, it means that the drive is too large and you need to reduce the output or shorten the time. Generally, open the lid of the protein skimmer collection cup and you can smell a faint smell of ozone (ozone taste refers to the nasal smell similar to the smell of grass, which can be used to distinguish ozone leaking in the air).