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How to disinfect the mobile ozone generator?
- 2019-11-01-

  Mobile ozone generatorThe correct understanding of air disinfection, in the gas phase conditions, the role of ozone in killing microorganisms depends on these main elements: ozone threshold concentration, that is, when the ozone air concentration reaches this concentration requirement, it can have the ability to kill microorganisms; Microbial species; treatment time; ozone distribution method; temperature and humidity conditions in the space; indoor walls, ceilings, floors and other reductive effects of decoration materials, etc.

The toxicity, corrosiveness and safety of ozone: Ozone is a non-toxic substance and safe gas. When it comes to its toxicity, it is mainly due to its strong oxidizing ability. When the concentration is higher than 1.5ppm, personnel must leave the scene because ozone affects people. The respiratory system forms a stress response of the respiratory system, and serious reversible damage will occur.

To this end, the World Ozone Association (IOA) has established health standards: World Ozone Association: 0.1ppm, touch for 10 hours; the United States: 0.1ppm, touch for 8 hours; China: 0.15ppm, touch for 8 hours, when the ozone concentration is 0.02ppm, smell People who are active can perceive it, which is called the sensory threshold. When the concentration is 0.15ppm, it is the olfactory threshold. It can be smelled by most people, and it is also a health standard point. When the concentration reaches 1-10ppm, it is called the impact scale.

Under gas phase conditions, the killing effect of ozone on microorganisms is different. Tests have proved that ozone has a strong bactericidal effect on human and animal pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The main environmental factors affecting the sterilization effect of gas phase ozone are temperature and humidity. Under normal circumstances, the killing effect is good when the temperature is low and the humidity is high. The relative humidity is more than 70%, and the killing effect can be well expressed. This is due to the increase in relative humidity, which can swell the cells and thin the cell walls, making it easier to be soaked and dissolved by ozone.

In the process of use, the ozone disinfection process should be blocked from the personnel. The general ozone generating device is automatically controlled. As long as the relevant parameters are set, the unattended operation can be completed. This is specifically trained in the need for chemical disinfectant spray disinfection. Compared with the on-site operation of personnel, the health of personnel is more assured.

Ozone has strong oxidizing properties. Ozone can oxidize many metals. Aluminum, zinc, lead and ozone will cause oxidative corrosion when touched, but ferrochrome (stainless steel) containing 25% Cr is basically not corroded by ozone. Ozone has a great corrosive effect on ordinary rubber, so corrosion-resistant silicone rubber or rubber products with corrosion inhibitors should be used in use.