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What affects the service life of industrial oxygen generators?
- 2019-10-28-

With the development of society, more and more industries have begun to choose industrial oxygen generators as necessary consumer equipment. In fact, there are many advantages of industrial oxygen generators, such as continuous operation, less energy saving, no high pressure, local safety and reliability, etc. Today, Guangzhou Chuanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd. will come to talk with you about the impactIndustrial oxygen generatorElements of service life.

The life of industrial oxygen generator is mainly determined by the following points:

1. The life of the compactor: the compactor provides power and is one of the central components of the industrial oxygen generator. The compactor is distinguished by its exhaust capacity. In theory, the larger the displacement, the greater its power. , The better the effect. Therefore, it is generally believed that high-power compressors are better than low-power compressors.

2. The life of molecular sieve: molecular sieve is installed separately from oxygen, and its pros and cons directly determine the performance of industrial oxygen generators. Although the industrial oxygen generator is equipped with a filter on the air intake, it is still inevitable that dust and moisture will enter the molecular sieve. Dust and moisture are the enemies of the molecular sieve. They will reduce the adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve and reduce the oxygen concentration.

3. The life of the control valve: After the above introduction, it can be known that in the industrial oxygen generator, the oxygen production and nitrogen exhaust of the two molecular sieves are controlled through the control valve, so the life of the control valve is very important. At present, the industrial oxygen generator The control valves inside are mainly imported, and the quality is mostly guaranteed.

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