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The structure and production principle of industrial oxygen generator
- 2019-09-27-

1. Structural composition of oxygen production system:

The industrial oxygen generator is composed of air compressor, cold dryer, main filter, fine filter group, oxygen generator, gas storage tank, oxygen tank, flow meter, oxygen purity analyzer, bus bar and distribution box.

2. The principle of oxygen production:

Quanpoly industrial oxygen generator uses PSA (pressure swing adsorption) pressure adsorption technology, rotating in the air as raw material, molecular sieve as adsorbent, and under normal temperature and low pressure conditions, when molecular sieve is used, the pressure (adsorbent) of nitrogen in the air increases and the adsorption capacity is compressed. The adsorption capacity of nitrogen (adsorbent) in the air is reduced. During the rapid cycle of vacuum adsorption and desorption of formation pressure, oxygen in the air is separated from nitrogen and oxygen.

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide gas, acid and alkali and other gas oxide molecules in the air are very polar materials, which are difficult to pass through molecular sieves. Such output oxygen and oxygen purity are 95+/-3% (V/V), and production is guaranteed Oxygen does not contain ingredients harmful to the human body and has reached the requirements of medical oxygen.

The oxygen equipment operation procedure is as follows:

The compressed air and the cooling dryer after the air (oxygen) raw materials are purified, the dry and clean air enters the oxygen host, the oxygen host (the host system molecular sieve scrubbing column), when filled with compressed air, passes through the molecular sieve to adsorb nitrogen, and the other side is decompressed Nitrogen emissions.

In the alternating process, the oxygen concentration of the molecular sieve oxygen vest is as high as 95% after balance, solenoid valve, and exchange. Therefore, during the operation cycle, pure oxygen continues to accumulate in the gas reservoir, and the accumulated oxygen can directly pass through the pipeline terminal and oxygen to complete the system. Process and oxygen supply.

The characteristics of Chuanju industrial oxygen generator equipment:

Air is the raw material for oxygen, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Using the world leader’s PSA molecular oxygen skills training, real-time oxygen, oxygen, and oxygen are not directly supplied to the pressure generated by the hospital network (now it is necessary to add a lot of oxygen generating equipment to allow oxygen to enter the pressure equipment of the pipe network). The entire system covers a small area and the cost of oxygen production is low, accounting for 5% to 15% of the bottle oxygen and liquid oxygen at that time.

Imported from scientifically popularized Hong Kong air-conditioning generators, compressors and the United States are used to ensure that the system performance reaches the world's advanced level, the equipment is stable and efficient, safe and reliable, and easy to use. The computer intelligent control system and the fully automatic loading and unloading system make the machine operation cost the lowest, save a lot of energy, and make the equipment operate in an efficient, reliable and safe environment. The high-efficiency air cooling and drying system and the precision of the air purification filter equipment maximize the service life of the host molecular sieve.

Choose an oxygen bottle filling equipment (bottle filling machine) that can handle the oxygen source of the busbar and the spare cylinder, and can meet the needs of the periphery and the oxygen and oxygen unit to disperse, while ensuring the demand for all-weather oxygen use, it can also improve Economic benefits of industrial enterprises.