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See how the small ozone generator sterilizes fruits and vegetables?
- 2019-10-08-

Precautions when using small ozone generators in the production of vegetables and fruits in greenhouses

(1) The use at the beginning of the seedling stage can obviously prevent the occurrence of airborne diseases during the whole growth period, and the use in the middle growth stage can show its effect within one month. Special note: When used in the middle of cucumber growth, ozone can first aggravate cucumber disease (photosynthesis is inhibited), but after 20 to 45 days, after the seedlings adapt to the ozone environment, the disease begins to decrease significantly, and the latter grows vigorously without disease.

(2) Reasonably determine the ozone concentration and release time. The concentration and duration of ozone release should be adjusted appropriately according to different crops and their growth periods. Generally, crops at the adult stage are more adaptable to ozone than those at the seedling stage. If the ozone concentration is too high or the release time is too long, it will cause poisoning and drying of the vegetable leaves and flowers in the greenhouse, and even cause plant death.

(3) Temperature and humidity control. The temperature in the shed should be kept below 30 degrees when ozone is applied, and the influence of humidity is much more messy. The effect of high humidity and light is higher than that of humidity without light.

(4) When used for a long time in winter, water is easy to accumulate in the ozone transport pipe, and because the ozonized air contains nitrogen oxides, the accumulated water will form strong nitric acid every day and month. Pay special attention when releasing it, and never splash it on the body or plants on.

Ozone has the characteristics of wide sterilization spectrum, fast sterilization speed, easy use and no secondary pollution, which meets the requirements of pollution-free vegetable production. The greenhouse disease ozone control machine is used to prevent and treat agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables and edible fungi. It not only has a good effect, but also has good quality and a certain increase in output value. It is one of the ideal prevention methods for the production of pollution-free vegetables in a protected area. Promote use.