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What benefits can mobile ozone generators bring to enterprises?
- 2019-10-11-

As a new force in the disinfection industry, the ozone produced by mobile ozone generators has been used by more and more companies. From food production to pharmaceutical companies, many production plants are using ozone equipment, and ozone is used for pharmaceutical production. The GMP certification carried out by the enterprise provides strong technical support.

In actual production, enterprises need to effectively control the microorganisms in the aseptic production area. This requires the selection of a more appropriate disinfection machine to sterilize the indoor air, the equipment used, and the appearance of the goods, and then to maintain Sterile" production environment.

The use of mobile ozone generator in the production workshop can directly install the ozone generator in the workshop, set the disinfection time according to the required cleanliness, and select the model according to the size of the workshop space, only the ozone concentration that occurs is required , It can achieve the effect of disinfection, which is much simpler than chemical reagents, because in production, the appearance of raw materials, utensils, packaging items, places, etc. must be disinfected. The traditional ultraviolet disinfection has excellent disinfection effects, but There are certain dead spots for disinfection. Now instead of using ozone disinfection technology, only the concentration is maintained to reach the disinfection requirements.

The ozone generator can also be directly installed in the air duct of the air conditioning purification system. The ozone follows the airflow of the air duct and is sent into the clean area to directly disinfect the clean area. The ozone generator is convenient.

Therefore, the mobile ozone generator company also expects that all food and drug manufacturers must comply with the requirements of disinfection technical specifications, pay attention to the quality of product production, and handle all details in place.