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What are the oxygen production methods for household oxygen concentrators?
- 2019-08-26-

In recent years, the urban pollution problem has become more and more serious, which has caused some common adverse symptoms including cough and chest tightness. There are more severe patients with respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and pulmonary heart disease. As a convenient and effective means of home oxygen therapy, home oxygen concentrators have entered the eyes of the masses, and what brand of home oxygen concentrators is good has also become a general concern of customers. So homeoxygen machineWhat are the methods?

Oxygen generator method: Oxygen generators are mainly divided into physical oxygen generators and chemical oxygen generators. Common types of oxygen generators are mainly divided into electronic oxygen generators, molecular sieve oxygen generators, chemical oxygen generators and oxygen-enriched membranes according to their working principles. 4 types of oxygen generators.

Regarding home oxygen therapy, electronic oxygen concentrators are too strict in the transfer and use process, and are not suitable for ordinary people to use by themselves without the guidance of medical staff; chemical oxygen concentrators are expensive to operate and relatively expensive to use, and are not suitable for continuous use The oxygen content of the gas prepared by the oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen generator is relatively low; the molecular sieve oxygen generator is now Weiyi’s sophisticated technical means in terms of safety, sophistication and operability, and it is also an international standard and my country’s Standard recognized oxygen production method.

Molecular sieve oxygen production, in simple terms, uses air as the raw material. The nitrogen and oxygen in the air are separated through a large displacement oil-free compressor. The unabsorbed oxygen is collected and purified to obtain a high concentration. Fresh oxygen. This principle of oxygen production is attributed to physical oxygen production. Oxygen can be extracted directly from the air when electricity is applied. The operation is simple, the oxygen production is stable, and there is no danger of high pressure and explosion.

There are two types of molecular sieves, domestic and imported. Now domestic molecular sieves are far less than imported brands in terms of production technology and technical sophistication. The better ones recognized by the industry are the French CECA molecular sieve and the American UOP molecular sieve, which have strong adsorption, cleaner oxygen, and long service life. The American Xinnuo oxygen generator is the main purchaser of French CECA, and all its products use CECA one. Grade molecular sieve.