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What are the main functions of the car sterilizer?
- 2019-09-23-

After the car has been driven for a period of time, there will be more or less peculiar smells in the car, and the cabin is in a closed environment, with slow air circulation, such as musty smell caused by summer humidity, smoke, pet urinary smell or vomit , All kinds of peculiar smell brought by seafood. Some car owners will use some air fresheners and perfumes to mask or eliminate these odors.

There may be some effects, but generally the effects are small. However, some car owners disagree with these for various reasons. And on the back of these odors, there are various harmful bacteria hidden. These bacteria odors accumulate over time, which may make passengers in the car feel breathing discomfort, brain pain, colds and other diseases at any time. And a car disinfection machine can solve the above problems. Of course, the products on the market are various.

  Car disinfection machineIt is suitable for various car beauty (cleaning) care shops, car supplies sales companies, taxi companies in various regions, passenger transport service companies, bus companies and other units for the daily car disinfection and deodorization, sterilization and mold removal of various vehicles. For cleaning and maintenance purposes. The car disinfection and purification integrated machine can also be used for daily sterilization and disinfection in the waiting halls, computer rooms, warehouses and guest rooms of hotels and guesthouses to remove formaldehyde, toluene, gasoline, smoke, sweat, mold and other odors, and achieve air purification together The results.

Auto sterilizer function:

1. Ozone gas has strong oxidation and catalysis effects. Viruses and bacteria in the ozone gas are affected by the effects of various free radicals, which dissociate and denature proteins, reduce the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes, and then have disinfection, sterilization, and deodorization effects.

2. Ozone is classified as a broad-spectrum sterilization and has a strong killing effect on all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

3. Negative ion function: It can decompose the peculiar smell in the air, and make the ions in the air uncharged after colliding with the positively charged ions.

How to operate the car disinfection machine: extend two air outlet pipes (ozone plus negative ions) into the cabin and turn on the car air conditioner. Use the air circulation of the air conditioner to deliver high concentration ozone and negative ions to every corner of the car, 5 minutes Ozone sterilization, 5 minutes negative ion air purification, intelligent automatic operation.