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The household ozone disinfector is known as the "cleanest oxidant and disinfectant"
- 2019-08-30-

Ozone is known as "the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant", and household ozone generators can act on every corner of the home.

In daily life, formaldehyde often appears in newly decorated rooms or newly purchased furniture, becoming the number one killer of health threats. Ventilation and carbon adsorption methods are not effective in removing formaldehyde, and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene from furniture or decorative materials are constantly emitted. Even if you can't smell the choking smell of formaldehyde, it does not mean that the formaldehyde in the air is not overrun. According to related reports, it will take thirty years for the formaldehyde to be emitted from furniture, wooden floors, and decorative materials. Therefore, in daily life, we must insist on removing formaldehyde.

Maintaining ventilation, cultivating green plants, adsorbing activated carbon, and using chemicals to remove formaldehyde are not very effective. Use chemical agents to remove formaldehyde. Chemical agents cannot be reused. They are not environmentally friendly and may generate another harmful gas. Using a household ozone disinfector can not only sterilize and disinfect, but also effectively remove formaldehyde.

Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen (O2). It has a special grassy smell. It is a strong oxidant. It can oxidize formaldehyde under anhydrous and water conditions. Ozone and formaldehyde have a dehydrogenation reaction and formaldehyde chemical bond. The bond length changes and breaks (mainly CH breaks and OH bond formation), forming complexes and HOOO, completing the oxidation and differentiation process of formaldehyde.

Generally speaking, household ozone disinfection machines disinfect every square meter for 1 minute, once a day. The newly decorated house is to move in as soon as possible, or there is still the smell of formaldehyde after moving in. You can put ozone 3 to 5 times a day for seven consecutive days. This can quickly differentiate most of the toxic residues and give you a healthy and fashionable home.