Functional characteristics of mobile ozone generator
- 2020-12-29-

The functional characteristics of the mobile ozone generator:

1) Ozone gas has strong oxidation and catalysis. Viruses and bacteria in ozone gas are subjected to a variety of free radicals to dissociate and denature proteins, reduce the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes, and then sterilize.

2) Ozone is a broad-spectrum sterilization and has a strong killing effect on all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

3) Ozone and formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene and other toxic and harmful gases undergo complex physical and chemical reactions such as degradation and oxidation, and the by-products are non-toxic and harmless, which can avoid secondary pollution.

4) The use of ozone gas to sterilize and disinfect, degrade organic waste gas, remove peculiar smells, and purify the air are relatively high-tech internationally. Experts at home and abroad call it one of the four major skills of environmental science in the 21st century.

5) The series ozone air disinfection machine has a timing function and can be unattended.

6) Hotels: deep treatment of tap water (or well water); pesticide degradation of vegetables and fruits and preservation of food; kitchens, dining rooms, knives and kitchen utensils, refrigerators, vegetable racks, breeding grounds, storage rooms, tableware, bedding Disinfection and sterilization; cleaning of bedding and bed sheets.

7) Repelling rodents and insects: The unique and fast odor of ozone can repel small animals and insects that are more sensitive to odors, such as mice and forearm.

8) Promote health: Ozone can quickly restore oxygen, add indoor oxygen concentration, promote the activation of human cells, improve blood circulation, and promote the development of new products to prevent disease.

9) Can be moved, easy to use, and can be sterilized and purified in different rooms.

The mobile ozone generator uses circulating air processing technology to draw indoor polluted air from the bottom to the inside of the machine, use oxygen in the air to ionize to generate ozone gas, and disperse the ozone inside the workshop, and use ozone to destroy microorganisms in the indoor air. Tissue, make it lose its ability to regenerate, and thus serve the purpose of sterilization.