The ozone generator has the function of protection and preservation
- 2020-09-04-

Because ozone has a strong killing effect on bacteria and microorganisms, the ozone generator uses ozone water to treat meat and other foods to achieve the effects of antiseptic, elimination of peculiar smell, and preservation. A large number of negative ions can be generated while ozone is generated. Some negative ions in the air can effectively suppress the respiration of fruits and vegetables and delay their metabolic process. At the same time, ozone can kill pathogenic bacteria that cause the decay of fruits and vegetables, and differentiate metabolic wastes such as ethylene, alcohols, aldehydes, aromatics and other substances that have ripening effects during the storage of fruits and vegetables. In this way, under the effects of ozone and negative ions, the metabolism of fruits and vegetables and the propagation and spread of microbial pathogens are suppressed, and then the subsequent maturation and senescence are delayed, and their decay and deterioration are prevented, and the effect of preservation is achieved. Studies have shown that ozone can extend the storage period of food, beverages, fruits and vegetables by 3-10 times.

Ozone is often used in many food and drug industries. At the same time, ozone also has a certain detoxification effect. Ozone can effectively remove toxic gases through oxidation reaction. Ozone generators such as C0, S02, mustard gas, etc. Ozone dissolved in water can oxidize, differentiate and effectively remove toxic substances in water such as heavy metal ions, organic poisons, cyanides, sulfides, and pesticides such as dichlorvos, omethoate, and malasulfate.