Share three knowledge points of car disinfection machine
- 2020-07-01-

Our company's "automatic vehicle disinfection and purification machine" is a high-tech equipment specially used for disinfection, sterilization, purification and odor removal of the internal space of the vehicle disinfection machine. It uses a new type of ozone attack device and internal circuits with multiple maintenance functions. , As well as purifying dust ion attack function, with high-quality functions and extremely long working life. For a long time, car disinfection machines, sterilization, deodorization, disinfection, and air disinfection have been used to exfoliate, steam and other methods. These methods have many disadvantages. The emergence of ozone sterilization technology products provides a rapid development of high-efficiency, safe, reliable, and more convenient disinfection methods. It is the ideal replacement of traditional Chinese disinfection equipment and will inevitably be widely used by the society.

1. Main purpose

This product is widely used in the auto disinfection, sterilization and decontamination of the auto industry such as car washes of major car dealers, 4S shops, and car decoration departments.

Second, the function of the car disinfection machine

1. The ozone gas produced by the development of this product has strong oxidation and catalysis functions. Viruses and bacteria in ozone gas, due to the action of various free radicals, dissociate and denature proteins, reduce nucleic acid and enzyme activities, and thereby disinfect, sterilize and deodorize.

2. Ozone is boiled down to broad-spectrum sterilization, which has a strong killing effect on various bacteria and viruses.

3. Negative ions have functions: they can differentiate the peculiar smell in the air, and when they collide with the positively charged central ions, the ions in the air are not charged.

Three, the operation method of the car disinfection machine

1. Power, turn on the power switch.

2. The digital key electronic information system began to work, the screen was opened, and the startup screen was changed to the management work environment system design interface. The whole machine starts standby.

3. The entire work is controlled by the LED electronic system and fully automatic control. Touch the start button on the control panel data, machine learning starts education. Ozone attack starts working equipment, working lights start to work, countdown time (180 seconds), air purification system standby, release ozone necessary (ozone own control) switch to automatic air purification system. The air purification network system begins to work, and the work lights continue to work on, and the countdown (300 seconds) can be entered at any time. After the completion of the two processes, the equipment automatically suspends operation. (After the two processes are completed, touch the screen from the work light,) The whole work is completed.

4. The transformer equipment is always open during the whole work process, and the heat-sensitive heat dissipation equipment should be automatically controlled to open or close, and the air pump should be open during the working period.

5. If you don't need to work, the light can be removed from the screen during the work process.

6. Other display devices separately display voltage, current, and the number of appearances of the design of the whole machine. Able to complete real-time monitoring.