What is the difference between an oxygen generator and an oxygen cylinder?
- 2020-06-03-

Recently, many friends are asking about the difference between oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders. I think there are still many people who have questions about these two oxygen supply equipment. Do you know whether to choose an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen cylinder? Let me explain to us.

First of all, the oxygen concentration from the oxygen generator and the oxygen cylinder is slightly different. The oxygen concentration of the oxygen cylinder is higher, which can reach more than 99%. The oxygen concentration of a general oxygen generator is about 93%. Although there are differences in oxygen concentration, for our general oxygen therapy population, only oxygen with an oxygen concentration of more than 90% can be used.

Secondly, in terms of the dynamics and statics of the two in use, the oxygen concentrator will be dynamic when it is working, about 40 decibels, and the oxygen supply of the oxygen cylinder has no rated noise, and it is very quiet to use. Users who are more sensitive to movement can choose an oxygen cylinder. If it is an oxygen concentrator, use a long oxygen tube to push the oxygen concentrator farther, and the effect is the same.

Third, it is the cost of oxygen. Nowadays, the average household oxygen generator is about three to four thousand yuan, and the price of a bottle of oxygen is about 20 yuan. Assuming that we use a bottle of oxygen a day, it is about 600 yuan a month, and the cost of one or two months is not very high, but after a long time, it is not recommended to use an oxygen bottle for oxygen supply. As long as the oxygen inhalation time is longer than 6 months, and the cost of buying an oxygen generator for four thousand yuan, then the cost is lower than the cost of the oxygen cylinder.

From the point of view of convenience and safety, the oxygen cylinder is worse. It needs to be replaced and inflated frequently. In terms of living in a relatively remote place, inflation and ventilation are not very convenient. Assuming that the patient’s oxygen demand is high, then 1 day It may be troublesome to change 2-3 bottles of oxygen. And although the oxygen cylinder can provide high-purity oxygen, the high-purity oxygen of the oxygen cylinder is produced by the action of pressure. Due to the high pressure, it is more dangerous to use.

Of course, the advantages of oxygen cylinders are not completely handled by the oxygen generator. Oxygen cylinders rarely fail and are not affected by power outages. Therefore, people who cannot live without oxygen must prepare an oxygen cylinder at home to prevent accidents. , Bring danger to patients.