Do you know what are the main uses of small ozone generators?
- 2020-06-23-

I believe that many people have heard that the small ozone machine can treat white spots. This argument is actually inaccurate. The invasion of white spot insects often leads to the invasion of bacteria. A very intuitive manifestation is the white film, blindfolded, and generally continuous water quality. It will be produced when it deteriorates. At this time, the role of ozone is to damage the infected mucosa through the strong oxidizing property of ozone, and kill the bacteria in the water and the white spot insects and eggs that have not found the host. The white spots in the body cannot be killed directly. This point must be made clear. In addition, excessive ozone not only causes great damage to fish, but also causes some respiratory diseases, even carcinogenesis, if people are exposed to ozone for a long time. Said this is a double-edged sword.

The oxygen atom ozone of the small ozonizer can quickly kill bacteria in the air under a certain concentration, and can achieve good sterilization and antibacterial properties, and inhibit the growth of algae. Ozone is composed of oxygen molecules with an oxygen atom, which determines that it is only a temporary storage shape. The purpose of applying ozone in the food industry is twofold: one is to kill microorganisms-sterilization; the other is to oxidize and differentiate organic or inorganic Pollution smell-deodorization and purification. Both applications depend on the strong oxidizing properties of O3 and its unstable and easily differentiated characteristics.

After testing, it is found that ozone also has a very good effect on the elimination of NO2. It is suitable for people in the early stage of opening the tank to reduce the NO2 in the tank, and it can also kill harmful bacteria. Of course, beneficial bacteria will also be affected. The damage can be recovered by artificial methods, which is not a big problem.

Therefore, the small ozone machine is really love and hate. It is not recommended for aquarists with children at home. Try to use the small ozone machine when there is no one in the house. This can also disinfect the home. Some egg skimmer can be used. Connected to a small ozone machine, so that 80% of the ozone will be reflected in the egg, and the damage to the human body will be greatly reduced, but it will shorten the life of the acrylic product of the egg.