Principle and characteristics of industrial oxygen generator
- 2019-07-02-

The industrial oxygen generator uses compressed air to remove solid impurities such as oil and dust and most of the gaseous water through the pretreatment system, and enters the adsorption tower equipped with zeolite molecular sieve (zms), and the nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air are adsorbed The agent adsorbs, and the oxygen passes through the adsorbent bed to be separated.

When the adsorbed impurities in the adsorption tower reach a certain level, the atmosphere is desorbed and desorbed to regenerate the adsorbent. The adsorption separation system composed of two towers and three towers is controlled by PLC or dcs system to cyclically switch to complete continuous oxygen production, which is the so-called atmospheric desorption pressure swing adsorption oxygen production (psa- o2). Atmospheric desorption PSA oxygen production is adsorbed at a slightly higher pressure (0.35mpa~0.8mpa), and desorption is desorbed at atmospheric pressure.

Features of industrial oxygen generator:

1. Through the air purification components, clean material air is supplied to the oxygen generator to ensure the adsorption efficiency and service life of the molecular sieve;

2. Air storage tank components ensure stable air consumption in the system;

3. Oxygen buffer tank ensures stable gas supply to the system;

4. The selection of world-famous brand valves (German burkert, gumu, Japanese smc, ckd, etc.) is a reliable guarantee for the stable operation of psa equipment;

5. Hongshuo's common compaction technology is a reliable guarantee for the service life of molecular sieve;

6. The pressing force is stable and does not change with changes in the stroke;

7. The cylinder has an indicator rod, which can directly measure the stroke;

8. It has functions of sinking alarm and limit shutdown;

9. The gas required by the cylinder is directly taken from the adsorption tower, which can work synchronously with the adsorption tower at any time;

10. The production process is strictly performed in accordance with the specifications. All pipes, valves and joints that touch the oxygen of the product are cleaned before installation, and the grease is removed; during the installation process, all parts must be kept clean;

11. Strictly perform the inspection process in accordance with the specifications to ensure that every factory equipment is safe, reliable and stable;

12. Through PLC control the oxygen purity, distinguish the qualified and unqualified oxygen purity, energize or cut off the solenoid valve, and automatically drain the unqualified oxygen.

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