Household ozone disinfection machine

Household ozone disinfection machine

Product Details

Product parameters of household ozone disinfection machine:


1. Efficient degradation of pesticides in fruits and vegetables: A large amount of pesticides and fertilizers in vegetables and fruits will cause chronic gastrointestinal diseases after consumption, and food poisoning in severe cases. The ozone generated by this machine can quickly degrade residual pesticides and fertilizers, kill insect eggs, bacteria, and viruses. At the same time, it has a unique preservation effect and feels more refreshing after purification.

2. Separate meat hormones and antibiotics: In order to capture high yields in the large-scale aquaculture industry, hormone-rich feed and antibiotic drugs are used during the breeding period, so that most of the meat we eat contains residual hormones and antibiotics, causing premature maturity, obesity, and Women’s endocrine disorders, uterine fibroids and other diseases,Ozone generatorIt can quickly separate the hormones and antibiotics in the meat and protect the health of the family.

3. Diet detoxification: degrade pesticides in fruits and vegetables, insist that fruits and vegetables are fresh and delicious, and no nutrients are lost; decompose hormones and antibiotics in meat;

4. Eliminate bacteria, heavy metal ions and organic impurities in tap water, and decolorize, increase oxygen, and deodorize.

5. Life health care: It can remove bacteria and dirt in the pores, add the breathing function of the skin, promote blood circulation, and make the skin bright and white, smooth and delicate. Washing your face with active oxygen water can effectively remove makeup residues and safely unload; soak your feet with active oxygen water to prevent various beriberi and have an auxiliary therapeutic effect on various oral diseases. Daily necessities cleaning and disinfection: sterilization and deodorization of household utensils, clothing, toys, dental appliances, etc.; disinfection and sterilization of tableware, tea sets, and various utensils; used for refrigerator deodorization and food preservation. It decomposes the ripening agent ethylene emitted by fruits and vegetables, and at the same time kills molds that cause fruit rot, greatly prolonging the freshness of vegetables and fruits.

Main uses: family canteens, enterprises, institutions, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, garnish centers, hotels, hotels, fast food restaurants, hospitals, etc.