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What are the characteristics of the mobile ozone generator?
- 2020-12-17-

The mobile ozone generator is not the same as other ozone equipment in terms of equipment circuit production, because first of all there are many methods of ozone generation, and each equipment has its own set of ozone generation methods. Moreover, the amount of production and the sterilization method are not the same, so do you know what are the characteristics of the mobile ozone generator?

The characteristics of the mobile ozone generator are as follows:

1. The mobile ozone generator has four movable wheels that can be moved at will, and the upper part of the chassis pushes and pulls the armrest, which is convenient to use;

2. It has the function of regular disinfection to realize unattended operation;

3. The ozone output is large, the concentration is high, and the energy consumption is low. The ozone output can be assembled according to the needs. The disinfection and sterilization speed is fast, no residues and secondary pollution are generated, and it can quickly penetrate and diffuse, and there is no dead corner in disinfection and sterilization;

4. Humanized appearance design, with timing control and automatic circuit short circuit protection functions, long service life, stable ozone generation, and rapid sterilization and purification of different rooms.

5. Using digital control technology, it can visually display temperature, power, current value, control air volume, and wind direction. It adopts mechatronics design, computer control, easy installation, and uses circulating air to diffuse ozone to every clean room under control. The ozone generator is small in size, high in power, and uses a unique proportioning method.

6. Equipped with an axial fan, installed in the air supply section after the middle-efficiency filter of the combined air conditioner. The power control system is set in the computer room or the central control room. During disinfection and sterilization, the purified circulating air is used to diffuse the ozone to the system Every clean room under control.

7. It is an external type, suitable for explosion-proof environments, and can sterilize multiple systems separately, which can realize multiple uses of one machine. The equipment adopts new technology of integration of machine, electricity and gas, and uses self-purifying air to pass through the ozone generation room during sterilization. , Produce a certain concentration of ozone, enter the system for sterilization.

8. It is mobile, the equipment is equipped with a fan and can be placed directly in the sterile room.