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The main function of small ozone generator
- 2020-12-26-

Electric small ozone generator function: ozone can quickly kill bacteria in the air under a certain concentration. There are no toxic residues, no secondary pollution, and its chemical properties are particularly active, and it is known as "clean disinfectant".

1. Ozone generator tableware disinfection (the cleaned tableware is soaked in oxygen water to kill the hepatitis B virus and achieve complete sterilization. There is no disinfectant residue, which is an ideal guarantee for your health).

2. The ozone generator refrigerator deodorizes (live oxygen in the refrigerator can kill bacteria that have not been treated for a long time, and it can also deodorize and extend the storage time of food, so that the food does not smell).

3. Ozone generator clothes washing and disinfection (active oxygen water can bleach the dirt on the surface of clothes, reduce the amount of washing powder and water, thoroughly clean the smell of socks, sweat smell of underwear and the sour smell of towels, and can kill long-term adhesion Bacteria on clothing).

4. Elimination of the odor of pets and garbage by the ozone generator (the body odor of pets and the air in the garbage storage are sometimes unbearable. The sterilization, deoxidation and decomposition characteristics of active oxygen can quickly solve this problem).

5. Ozone generator deodorizes new homes and furniture (chemical agents in decorative materials will volatilize toxic gases such as toluene and formaldehyde, and the strong oxidizing properties of ozone can eliminate harmful chemicals that can only be completely volatilized in 3 years within 10 minutes, allowing you to relax Enjoy the fresh forest-like air after the rain). Decompose harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene in the new room to ensure fresh air.

The main purpose of electrical small ozone generators: homes, hotels, teachers, offices, etc.