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The role of large ozone disinfection machine
- 2020-08-07-

What is an ozone disinfection machine: Simply put, we use ozone to have a very strong oxidizing property, and we can develop and rely on this feature to react with bacteria to achieve sterilization. When ozone is generated, the third molecular structure of ozone from the oxygen atom of the structure will continue to escape freely, or when it escapes, there will be great oxidation sterilization, detoxification, bleaching and deodorization in an instant. If the ozone technology does not have an important influence on the development of other materials and culture, it will decompose into pure oxygen (O2) by itself for analysis and reaction. The ozone generator uses this feature to generate ozone with clean oxygen using a high-pressure electrolytic cell.

The role of large-scale ozone disinfection machine: the chemical nature of ozone is very active, it produces powerful oxidation in an instant in free energy to sterilize, disinfect, eliminate harmful gas space and similar effects.

Ozone (chemical structure O3) is composed of the following light blue grassy smell as a gas in a system of three oxygen atoms. The English can be translated as "double fresh air", which means "and fresh air". In the preliminary data processing shed and humid environment, China has a strong ability of ozone. The sterilization technology is 600-1000 times. Chlorine can quickly kill a variety of bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria, viruses, and ozone technology can continuously change the network structure or energy transfer used by student intellectuals through the combination, leading to the death of bacteria and viruses, no longer need to form new bacteria for development, and effective teaching methods to remove different bacteria, viruses, Poisonous gases such as peculiar smell and formaldehyde in the shed. Ozone can also work to decompose the toxicity of bacteria drugs and pesticides, eliminate the toxicity of sulfur dioxide that can be produced in the process of gas and coal burning, and it can also effectively eliminate the harm to the human body caused by the social and economic environmental radiation that affects students' learning.

Therefore, it is a highly effective disinfectant with a strong ability to kill bacteria, bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other microorganisms. Since ozone is full of gas in our country, there is no dead corner for disinfection, so it has a good effect on disinfection and sterilization. At the same time, ozone can quickly decompose at high temperatures to form oxygen. It has never been kept in a shed (room) where fresh air is never maintained. It is the second major industrial pollution and there is no problem. The long-term work in this social environment is to achieve true meaning. The above guarantees that there is no harm to the human body, which effectively guarantees the purpose of mycelium growth and strong anti-bacterial ability.