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What are the applications of car sterilizers in automobiles?
- 2020-05-31-

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and if you stay in the car for a long time, you will feel all kinds of strange feelings in the car! What is the actual cause? Is there any way to get rid of this taste? Don't worry, look down with the editor!

1. Why do people feel uncomfortable after staying in the car for a long time?

This is because for a long time, various bacteria in the car multiply, and the interior space of the car is relatively small, because the residue left by the opening and closing of the door, the entry and exit of people, smoking, drinking or eating some food will cause a lot of mites, The growth of bacteria will also produce some pungent tastes.

The plastic parts, leather and other parts in the car will generate formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful carcinogenic gases, which need to be cleaned and protected in time. When driving, because the closed windows of the car make it difficult to remove the peculiar smell, which affects the comfort of the passengers. During the season replacement period is a period of frequent diseases, it is easy to cause the probability of the driver’s physical illness, and even increase the ride. The possibility of bacterial cross-infection between drivers affects the safe driving of drivers. The car is a mobile "house".

2. How to remove the peculiar smell and the multiplying bacteria in the car?

One of the items in car beauty is the regular use of car sterilizers to disinfect the interior of the car. The working principle is to use the high penetration power of ozone to quickly enter the bacteria and kill the bacteria. Ozone is not harmful to health, so everyone does not need to worry about secondary pollution or harmful situations.

Compared with general chemical and physical disinfection, ozone generator disinfection has obvious advantages.Car disinfection machineAfter disinfection, no peculiar smell will remain after disinfection. With traditional physical and chemical disinfection methods, once the peculiar smell occurs, there is no way to dissipate it within three to four days. The car disinfection machine has a good effect on a variety of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and the anti-virus effect can be said to be immediate. Friends in need may wish to try its magical effect.

After the car disinfection machine is disinfected, the ozone is differentiated to generate oxygen. There is no secondary pollution in the interior of the car, and the sterilization effect is good!