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Technical characteristics of industrial oxygen generator
- 2020-04-02-

The separated air of the industrial oxygen generator is mainly composed of two adsorption towers filled with sieve. Under normal temperature conditions, the industrial oxygen generator passes the compressed air through filtration, dewatering and drying, and then enters the adsorption tower. The air in the adsorption tower The nitrogen gas is adsorbed by the molecular sieve, and the oxygen is enriched in the gas phase, and it flows out from the outlet and is stored in the oxygen buffer tank. The molecular sieve that has been adsorbed in another tower is quickly depressurized to resolve the adsorbed components. The two towers are cycled alternately to obtain cheap oxygen with a purity of ≥90%. The automatic valve switching of the entire system is automatically controlled by a computer.

Perfect fluent design, optimal use effect;

Reasonable internal components, uniform airflow distribution, reduce the impact of high-speed airflow;

Special molecular sieve protection measures for industrial oxygen generators extend the service life of zeolite molecular sieve;

Simple operation, stable operation, high degree of automation, and can be operated without anyone;

Automatic interlocking oxygen emptying device to ensure product oxygen quality;

Industrial oxygen generator can be equipped with oxygen device flow, automatic purity adjustment system, remote monitoring system, etc.;