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Introduce the role played by the car sterilizer
- 2020-02-28-

The car sterilizer is to place the ozone sterilizer in the center of the place to be sterilized, or other directions that are conducive to ozone dispersion, set the sterilization time, turn on the power switch and set the microcomputer controller to automatic. If there are fans and air conditioners working at the same time in the place to be disinfected, placing the ozone sterilizer in the vicinity of these equipment is more conducive to the dispersion of ozone and achieves a better disinfection effect.

After long-term use of a car, many bacteria will remain on the roof, seat cover, air outlet, carpet and other parts of the car, so it is good to clean the car regularly and thoroughly. You can't just use one kind of detergent and maintenance products to clean the car. Because the raw materials of each part of the car are different, you should pay attention to choosing and using different cleaning agents. Most of the decoration shops that do in-car beauty will choose the cleaner with larger alkaline. Although it has the effects of whitening and decontamination, there will be certain consequences. The cleaning agent with too strong alkaline will soak the flannel, leather chair and ceiling. The professional approach should be to select a car ozone disinfection machine with outstanding sterilization and deodorization functions. The main functions of the car disinfection machine are as follows:

1. Purify the air in the car, eliminate the smell of smoke, new decoration, and musty.

2. Abundant negative ions make the spirit happy and can eliminate long-term driving fatigue.

3. Differentiate toxic gases such as benzene and carbon dioxide.

4. Eliminate various odors such as Amonia (big and urinary).

5. Eliminate various odors such as poor ventilation, humidity, and dirt.

6. Eliminate infectious viruses such as cold virus and tuberculosis.

After using the car disinfection machine produced by Quanju Company, it can completely remove the peculiar smell and the breeding of bacteria. After such a cleaned vehicle, it is truly clean and hygienic.