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Use of ozone generator
- 2020-01-29-

How much do you know about ozone generator:
1. Whether the joint of the ozone generator can be made of flame-retardant materials, normally it should be PTFE, some manufacturers use ordinary plastic, not to mention short life, but also easy to breakdown.

2. Check the cooling method. If the heat dissipation level is not good, the ozone concentration will be greatly reduced within one or two hours after starting up, especially the small ozone generator.

3. The larger the grams of ozone produced by the ozone generator of the same volume, it shows that the manufacturer has advanced technology, so the cost is low and the price is affordable.

4. Most people buy ozone machines for water treatment, sterilization and disinfection. The choice of aeration is very important. Some people think that organic particles are enough. In fact, the ozone emitted can not be fully dissolved and it is wasted.

With the development of the aquaculture industry, the disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms in the aquaculture industry sometimes occurs, which is extremely harmful to the aquaculture industry. In addition to enhanced management of various breeding equipment, the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms in feeding water and various utensils used has become an important issue. As a strong oxidant, disinfectant, and catalyst, ozone is not only widely used in industry. The theory proves that ozone has also been successfully used in water disinfection, improvement of water quality, prevention of diseases in aquaculture systems, and red tide detoxification. After ozone sterilization installation, it can sterilize biological eggs, sterilize aquaculture water, and sterilize equipment, which can prevent pathogens from entering. Ozone has intense sterilization and water purification effects, and is non-toxic and harmless. It is an ideal sterilization and purifier in aquaculture and nursery consumption. It can prevent and control biological diseases such as fish, shrimp, sea urchins, crabs, and soft-shelled turtles, and improve the ecology of aquaculture. The environment is of great significance.

In a word, ozone is used in aquaculture to raise seedlings. Nowadays, the price of a complete set of equipment is not high, and the one-time investment is not large, and it can save various disinfectants and antibiotics. It can also reduce the amount of water exchange, save fuel and coal, and use ozone to raise seedlings. The rate can be more than doubled and a set of equipment can be used for several years, which can greatly save the cost of breeding, and can also cultivate green and environmentally friendly food, which is more economical in all aspects. At present, most countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States have generally adopted ozone to stop aquaculture, and prevented the use of chemical disinfectants such as chlorides to stop aquaculture and form products with excessive chlorine content into their markets, as reported in major newspapers.