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What role do mobile ozone generators usually play in the food and pharmaceutical industries?
- 2020-02-10-

Mobile ozone generators are commonly used in many food and pharmaceutical industries. At the same time, ozone also has a certain detoxification effect; ozone can effectively remove toxic gases such as CO, SO2 and mustard gas through oxidation reaction. Water-soluble ozone can be oxidized and differentiated, and then effectively remove heavy metal ions, organic poisons, cyanide, sulfide, dichlorvos, omethoate, magnesium sulfate and other toxic substances in pesticides.

Ozone damages the structure of the microbial membrane through the oxidation of oxygen atoms, and then achieves a sterilization effect. How to understand the mobile ozone generator of ozone antibacterial liquid is widely used in the medical industry; the inactivation of ozone by bacteria is always fast. Different from other fungicides: ozone generators can react with double bonds in the lipids of bacterial cell walls. After entering the bacteria, it acts on proteins and lipopolysaccharides, changes the permeability of cells, and causes the death of bacteria.

The mobile ozone generator also acts on the nuclear material in the cell and promotes cell regeneration. For example, purines and pyrimidines in nucleic acids can damage DNA. Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, then damages the components of the membrane and causes abnormal metabolism. Ozone continuously penetrates the membrane, damages lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changes the permeability of cells, and causes cell lysis and death. Ozone can differentiate into a large amount of pure oxygen. This oil is made from natural olive oil. The oxidation of ozone quickly suppresses bacteria. The ozone antibacterial solution is not selective in killing any pathogenic microorganisms.

When soaking a certain concentration of ozone oil, various pathogenic microorganisms will be killed without dead ends. Pathogenic microorganisms do not develop drug resistance, and there is no mutation problem. The ozone antibacterial liquid will not damage the human environment, and the ozone generator will quickly reduce to pure oxygen, which is beneficial to the normal growth of vaginal lactobacillus and suppresses the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

The mobile ozone generator uses ozone water to treat meat and other foods to complete the anti-corrosion, deodorization and freshness characteristics. When ozone occurs, a large amount of negative ions will occur. In the air, some negative ions can effectively suppress the respiration of fruits and vegetables and delay the metabolic process.

At the same time, ozone can kill pathogenic bacteria that cause the rot of fruits and vegetables, and differentiate the metabolic wastes that mature during the storage of fruits and vegetables, such as ethylene, alcohol, aldehydes, and spices. Ozone and negative ions, the metabolism of fruits and vegetables, and the growth and dispersion of microbial pathogens are suppressed, and then the aging after aging is delayed, decay and deterioration are avoided, and the effect of preservation is achieved. fresh. Research shows that ozone can extend the shelf life of food, beverages, fruits and vegetables by 3 to 10 times.