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Do you know the environmental requirements of ozone generators at work?
- 2019-05-07-

Usually humid air is fatal to metal and electronic components, but stainless steel is generally used for ozone generators, so many users no longer pay attention to the environmental oxidation of equipment. The reason why stainless steel is used for the ozone generator is that the oxidizing property of ozone is much stronger than that of chlorine, and the oxidizing property of chlorine is stronger than that of oxygen. If the ozone generator uses general materials, it will be oxidized in a short time. Therefore, the stainless steel of the ozone generator is not used to deal with the oxidation of the working environment, but to deal with the oxidation caused by the ozone itself. Humidity and dust are important factors for oxidation in the working environment.

During the early working process of the ozone generator, there is a lot of air activity, so the damage caused by the humidity is "invisible magnified" many times. The rate of oxidation of the ozone generator has also increased many times. Some users have responded to why there is a lot of water inside the ozone generator, which has a lot to do with working in a humid environment for a long time, and even has a direct cause and effect connection. Because the ozone generator can't do without high-voltage current breaking down the air or oxygen, the humid air reduces the oxygen ionization share, thus affecting the ozone generation rate.

The dust in the same air simply accumulates in the ozone generating tube, cooling fan and other places during the long-term work. Seriously affect the work of the ozone generator. Although the ozone generator drying equipment and air dust removal equipment, in the working process of the ozone generator, trace moisture and dust can be collected in a short period of time with a lot of airflow. Therefore, the working environment of the ozone generator should be ensured in a dry environment, and the air source should be kept clean, which has great benefits for the service life of the ozone generator and the working efficiency of the ozone generator.