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Mobile ozone generator manufacturers introduce you to the three major categories of ozone generators
- 2019-05-07-

Ozone generator is an equipment device used to produce ozone. Ozone is easy to differentiate and cannot be stored. It needs to be prepared on-site and used on-site (but under special circumstances, it can be stored for a short time). Ozone generators must be used in all places where ozone can be used. Ozone generators are widely used in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, and space sterilization. Divided by the way ozone occurs, the currentMobile ozone generatorThere are three main types: high-voltage discharge type, ultraviolet irradiation type, and electrolysis type.

1. High voltage discharge generator

This type of ozone generator uses a high-voltage current of a certain frequency to produce a high-voltage corona electric field, which makes the oxygen molecules in or around the electric field electrochemically react, and then produces ozone. This kind of ozone generator has the advantages of mature technology, stable work, long service life, and large ozone output value (single machine can reach 1Kg/h), so it is widely used in related occupations at home and abroad.

2. Ultraviolet ozone generator

This type of ozone generator uses ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength (185mm) to irradiate oxygen molecules to differentiate the oxygen molecules and generate ozone. Because of the large volume of the ultraviolet lamp, the low ozone output value, and the short service life, this type of generator has a narrow range of use and is commonly used in disinfection cupboards.

Three, electrolytic generator

This type of ozone generator usually generates ozone by electrolyzing pure water. The generator can produce high-concentration ozone water, has low production cost, and is simple to use and repair. However, due to the shortcomings that the ozone output value cannot be increased, the electrode life is short, and the ozone is not easy to collect, the scope of its use is limited. At present, this kind of generator is only used in some specific small equipment or in some specific places, and does not have the conditions to replace the high-voltage discharge generator.