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What are the application areas of large ozone disinfection machines?
- 2020-04-08-

Large-scale ozone disinfection machine is mainly used for air sterilization and surface sterilization of processing workshops and similar places in the food, drug and cosmetics industries. Large-scale ozone disinfection machines can be divided into mobile, wall-mounted, chandelier, floor-standing, etc. according to the installation form. When the ozone disinfection machine is used in a GMP workshop of a pharmaceutical factory and an HVAC system, it is usually divided into two types: built-in and external. A machine that uses an ozone generator to produce ozone is called an ozone disinfector, where ozone is used as a disinfectant.

Large ozone disinfection machineApplication field

1. Public places of enterprises and institutions: corporate sewage treatment, community property companies (cooperation), cinemas, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls, hair salons, beauty salons, public baths, nursing homes, hospitals, sterile rooms, waiting rooms of stations, sizes Recreational rooms, warehouses, hotels, guest rooms, museums and other units, on-site disinfection services.

2. Breeding and planting industry: large-scale ozone disinfection machine for cages, utensils, indoor air and water

3. Large-scale ozone disinfection machine food processing, fresh-keeping and transportation industry: the sterilization rate of grain, poultry eggs, Chinese herbal medicine, meat products, fruits, vegetables, and drinking water is as high as 99%, which fully meets food safety standards! Food, meat, fresh Fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and dry and fresh local products are kept fresh. Put the food, vegetables, and fruits to be processed in a plastic bag and let it in with gas, and then tighten the seal, do not let the gas out, to extend the preservation period. Note: It is best that the plastic bag has good sealing and no air leakage. Effectively keep the fungus for a long time, thereby extending the fresh-keeping period of fruit, vegetable, meat and egg.

4. Large-scale ozone disinfection machine factory production and processing hygiene requirements industries: production workshops, packaging workshops, garages, work clothes, etc.