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Why should the car disinfection machine disinfect the car?
- 2020-07-10-

The disinfection of the car disinfection machine is that ozone disinfection does not leave any harmful substances, and it will not cause secondary pollution to the car. Therefore, the car disinfection machine uses ozone to sterilize and quickly decompose into oxygen after disinfection, and oxygen is beneficial and harmless to human health.

Ozone disinfection, the operation is relatively simple, and the hose connected to the vehicle for disinfection extends to the inside of the vehicle through the high concentration of high-voltage discharge ozone generated, and the open vehicle is disinfected. The sterilization machine is in every corner of the vehicle, so it is only here. A few minutes.

According to reports, although the disinfection work time can be very short, but the elimination of germs is very thorough. But there is still a disadvantage, that is, it emits a little ozone smell, but it can quickly decompose into colorless and odorless oxygen.

The car needs to be disinfected, why should it be disinfected?

At the end of June 2010, there were about 189 million people passing motor vehicles across the country, of which 129 million were Chinese car drivers. Today's car interior contains many different materials, such as plastic, rubber, leather and so on. It also contains many students' chemical research materials. Time factory in the confined space inside the car is easy to be poisoned!

First, automobile parts and harmful substances released inside automobiles, such as plastic, rubber or similar materials used in automobiles, contain volatile components. Pollutant research mainly includes formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, etc. The unpleasant odor in the car also comes from us, which can release social substances;

Entering into the car, the main pollutants in the exhaust from other vehicles, including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and second external pollutants;

The pollutants emitted by the car itself can enter a car, including the pollutants emitted by students through exhaust pipes and fuel evaporation. The pollutants include nitrogen oxides, microorganisms, and benzene. Studies have pointed out that cars will release harmful gases, and the temperature of the material increases.