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Application range of household formaldehyde removal small ozone disinfection machine
- 2020-05-18-

The household formaldehyde removal small ozone disinfection machine disinfects the tableware, can kill the hepatitis B virus, achieve the effect of complete sterilization, and has no disinfectant residue; it can deodorize the refrigerator, pets, and the odor of waste; deodorize the new room and furniture. In particular, the newly decorated house is particularly smelly, and formaldehyde is also toxic. Long-term exposure to that formaldehyde environment is likely to be poisonous.

Ozone is already very common abroad,Small ozone disinfection machineIt has been used in many industries, and it is inseparable from the family. Formaldehyde deodorizes and disinfects fruits and vegetables. Household ozone machine in addition to formaldehyde ozone disinfection machine special ozone disinfection machine for bathroom 1. Offices, conference halls, study rooms use the strong oxidizing properties of ozone to completely remove the toxic chemicals (formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc.) released by decoration, various plywood, and paint ), Use negative ions to naturally fall dust to make suspended matter in the air charged with static electricity and be adsorbed.

1. Living room, team room, suite

Eliminate the peculiar smell of the carpet and avoid the breeding of fleas.

Eliminate cold virus, tuberculosis bacteria, micro-bacteria, etc.

Differentiate toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Add indoor active oxygen to balance the content of positive and negative ions, and have a calming and sleeping effect.

The windows are slightly opened to allow the air to flow, which is better.

2. KTV lounge, barber shop, restaurant hospital, clinic, ward, nursing home

Fresh air, free of smoke and carbon monoxide.

Eliminate the smell of tobacco, alcohol, decoration and carpet.

Prevent the lack of oxygen due to confined spaces.

Eliminate patient body odor and drug odor.

Differentiate nitrogen oxides and dichloroethylene gas.

Eliminate germ infections.

Fresh air, rich negative...

The ozone gas generated by the household formaldehyde removal small ozone disinfection machine has strong oxidation, catalysis, etc., and has a strong killing effect on various bacteria and viruses. Sterilize the air in the workshop space to oxidize the protein shells of bacteria, fungi and other bacteria, and then kill bacterial proliferation and spores, viruses, and fungi without leaving any dead ends; the effect and speed of ozone disinfection and sterilization should be excellent It is compatible with ultraviolet light, chlorine and other chemical disinfectants, and no secondary pollution.