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What can a household ozone machine help us in our lives?
- 2020-03-08-

As people pay more and more attention to food safety and indoor environmental hygiene, householdOzone machineThe use of is more and more widespread. Household ozone generators rely on the strong oxidizing principle of ozone, which can make organic substances or organisms undergo chemical reactions and then achieve the effect of sterilization. In the daily life of practice, it can also help us do a lot of work, let's give an example.

1. Bathhouse and toilet. Because the sewer can't be kept closed all the time, the dirty air inside will enter the bathroom through the floor drain. Although we will clean the bathroom very well, sometimes there will be some unpleasant smells. This is the bacteria at work. They can separate the vegetable leaves and rice residues in the sewer, and then produce dirty gas, including hydrogen sulfide, smell of rotten eggs, formaldehyde, etc. At this time, we can prepare a basin of tap water, pass the air duct of the ozone machine into tap water, make ozone water, and pour it into the sewer. Because ozone water has a strong sterilization effect, these bacteria are smecta.

2. Towels and bath towels used. After long-term use, it will smell unpleasant. Use the pan rice or laundry detergent to clean it in time, but after drying it, it still smells, which is very annoying. That is due to the growth of bacteria on the towel, which separates the attachments on the towel, and the strange smell occurs. Similarly, we can say that towels and bath towels can be soaked in ozone water for about 20 minutes, and the clouds will disappear.

3. The smell of paint and formaldehyde and other volatile substances in newly decorated houses. Formaldehyde is a common indoor pollution source. Because formaldehyde has a very low boiling point, it can be volatilized at room temperature, and it is a toxic gas. Long-term inhalation of formaldehyde has the risk of cancer and has to be prevented. Some friends will place green plants or activated carbon stoves at home. Although these can remove formaldehyde to a certain extent, the effect time is also limited.

In fact, we can use the ozone made by the ozone machine to sterilize furniture and indoor air. Ozone can diffuse in the air, so that formaldehyde can be removed without dead spots, leaving it nowhere to hide.

4. For allergic people, kill mites. Mites are actually quite annoying. They live in dust and clothes and feed on dandruff and hair. They can cause herpes in life and make it unbearable. We can use a household ozone machine to disinfect the wardrobe, kill mite eggs, and completely remove the damage.

5. Cleaning of fruits, vegetables and meat. Pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables and organic hormones in meat are very harmful to the human body. If they are not used carefully, they will cause health problems over time. However, with the ozone machine, we don't have to worry about it. We can wash the fruits, vegetables and meat in ozone water for about 15 minutes, then take them out and put them in a clean place. After about 15 minutes, they can be used as ingredients.

Sixth, clean tea cups and tableware. Tea cups and tableware will inevitably have tea stains and oil stains after being used for a long time. It is very simple, soak them in ozone water for 20 minutes, and then gently scrub them. It is easy to handle, without residue, and does not hurt your hands.