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What are the requirements for the water treatment ozone generator process?
- 2020-01-06-

With the development of clean water skills, the 2~4 level reverse osmosis water production process has gradually become the mainstream of the water production process in pharmaceutical factories. In order to make the pyrogen content qualified, multi-stage distillation and spiral separation are also used to remove the pyrogen, which has a good effect. . The requirements for pharmaceutical water are very high, and the Ministry of Health documents and GMP verification have clear rules for "water for injection". However, the process of water treatment ozone generator is complicated, equipment investment is large, operating cost is high, energy consumption is high, and water resources are wasted.

In this regard, we have studied a new water production process, which is a combination of nanofiltration technology and ozone technology, called "Ozone-Nanofiltration Water Production Process". Because the molecular size of pyrogen is on the order of nanometers, it can be separated by nanofiltration. At the same time, ozone has a strong oxidizing effect and can differentiate organic molecules.

The water treatment ozone generator is essentially a bacterial endotoxin, an organic molecule, and ozone can differentiate it. Its strengths are low production costs, low operating costs, energy saving, and water resources. It will be further improved in practice in the future.

Of course, there are many other issues, so I won't list them all here. As long as we stick to the production line, we will find more problems, and we need to pay more efforts and research more skills. Engineering designers such as writers, writers can only have a source of creativity if they go deep into life and experience life. If they leave the source of life of the people, they will not write good works that are popular with the people.

Don't always think that your own products are leading the new trend of ozone in China. Blowing falsehoods will only trigger disorderly competition and will not help the development of ozone skills. Dialectics points out that human beings are always evolving and scientific skills are always evolving. The development of ozone skills is also unstoppable. The view of suspension, the pessimistic view, and the practice of cheating are all wrong.