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Features of built-in ozone system of high concentration ozone water machine
- 2019-07-31-

Features of the built-in ozone system of the high concentration ozone water machine:

◆High ozone outlet concentration: The ozone outlet concentration can reach above 60mg/L. The zui height can reach 110mg/L. Due to the selection of oxygen source and high dielectric composite ceramics with a dielectric constant of 80-90, the ozone outlet concentration is high. The glass ozone tube oxygen source only needs 10-15mg/L, and the glass ozone tube air source only needs 2-5mg/L.

◆. Corrosion resistant, suitable for ozone environment. Choose ozone-resistant materials, which can be used for a long time under ozone environment.

◆. Low temperature rise, suitable for continuous and stable operation. The ozone generator uses air cryogenic technology and deep heat dissipation technology to ensure low temperature rise of the ozone generator, and the internal circulating water cooling system ensures that the temperature rise of the ozone generator is very low. The temperature rise of the whole equipment is only 3-5℃, which ensures that the system can run stably and continuously. 24 hours continuous operation

◆. The ozone output is stable. The internal circulation water cooling system ensures that the heat can be quickly taken away when the ozone occurs, so the ozone production is stable. The internal circulation system uses antifreeze coolant, so it will not scale after long-term operation, and it can work normally in sub-zero environments. Before leaving the factory, each ozone generator is tested by ozone detector or national standard testing method

Features of the built-in ozone-water mixing system of the high concentration ozone water machine:

◆. High hybrid power. When mixing at 1-5 tons/hour, the mixing power is above 80%.

◆. Small size. Compared with a gas explosion tower with the same mixed power, the volume is only one percent.

◆Low power consumption. Compared with the water jet mixing, the power consumption is equivalent, but the mixing power is three to five times that of the water jet.

◆. High air intake rate. The gas-water ratio of the traditional mixing pump is only 1:9, and the special ozone mixing pump can complete 1:3 gas-water mixing.

◆. Dedicated to ozone. The main body is made of stainless steel, and the sealing material is made of special materials, which is resistant to ozone corrosion.

◆. The pipeline is made of sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings, which is resistant to pressure and corrosion;