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Talking about the characteristics and application scope of high concentration ozone water machine
- 2019-07-19-

1. Application scope of high concentration ozone water machine

Widely used: cleaning and disinfection of packaging bottles and processing equipment in various food and beverage companies, biological companies, etc. Sterilization of mineral water, purified water, sterile water, tap water, wine bottle washing, etc.; disinfection of water provided by each production enterprise; public canteens of schools, troops, institutions, factories, etc. for vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken feet Sterilization, such as bleaching and chicken feet sterilization. Aquatic farms sterilize the feeding water to prevent and control aquatic diseases; strengthen sterilization and oxidation sterilization in sewage treatment and garbage treatment; and use ozone water to sterilize and disinfect swimming pools, warehouses, and community water supplies. Sterilize agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits to reduce pesticide residues; disinfect and purify water in swimming pools, small family swimming pools, hot spring pools, etc.; disinfect packaging, environmental disinfection, air purification, chemical composition, material modification, etc.

Second, the characteristics of high concentration ozone water machine

1. High concentration of ozone water. Up to 10-15mg/L;

2. The pipeline adopts sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings, which is resistant to pressure and corrosion;

3. Computer-based display. It adopts thin-film control panel design and digital display, beautiful appearance and simple operation;

4. The purity of oxygen obtained by preparing ozone is above 90%

5. Adopt high concentration and high efficiency ozone generator;

4. The high-efficiency mixing pump makes the ozone utilization rate as high as 80%;

6. Separation of water and gas with ozone to ensure that the residual concentration of ozone water at the outlet meets my country's standards;

7. Stainless steel shell, easy to wipe, sanitary and anticorrosive. Ozone resistant. Corrosion printing on the surface, beautiful and durable.

8. Small size, low noise, stable output value.

High-concentration ozone water sterilization has no residue. Air and water are used as raw materials, so the cost of sterilization is very low. After sterilization, it is decomposed into oxygen and water, so there is no residue after sterilization. Sterilization can be completed in 1-2 minutes.