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The small ozone disinfection machine can remove formaldehyde, is it harmful to the human body?
- 2019-07-12-

Ozone and formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene and other toxic and harmful gases have complex physical and chemical reactions such as degradation and oxidation, and the by-products are non-toxic and harmless, which can avoid secondary pollution. Why can ozone machine remove formaldehyde, is it harmful to human body?

First, ozone has strong oxidizing properties, and can differentiate the harmful substances of formaldehyde and toluene.

2. It can be sterilized and disinfected, and its sterilizing power is 3000 times that of chlorine. Ozone can eliminate the planktonic bacteria in the air and water within a time, and can neutralize and differentiate various toxic substances, remove all malodors, and bleach and clarify Pollution of impurities in the water.

Third, if the ozone does not end its response, it will automatically be reduced to oxygen without causing secondary pollution.

Fourth, there will be no harm to the human body, as long as the person is absent during work, because at that time the ozone has already differentiated and the response is over. We must know that the damage of formaldehyde to the human body is getting more serious.

Which kind of ozone machine is good? A household ozone machine is definitely not available. If it is an industrial ozone machine, the removal rate of formaldehyde is 30-40%. Ozone has a strong function of removing odors. It is feasible to remove formaldehyde and other odors in new houses. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that when using ozone machines, humans and machines cannot coexist. At the same time, small ozone disinfection machines such as commonly used fruit and vegetable detoxification machines, because the amount of ozone generated is too small, and the ozone gas diffusion ability is poor, and it cannot achieve the effect of deodorization.

The main functions of ozone:

Sterilization: It can quickly and completely eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air and water. According to the experimental report of the academic unit, when the ozone concentration in the water is 0.05ppm, the bacteria inactivation rate will be over 99% after treatment for ten to ten minutes.

Detoxification: Because of the development of industry and commerce and the enjoyment of high material civilization, life is full of various substances harmful to the human body: for example: carbon monoxide, pesticides, heavy metals, fertilizers, organic matter, odors, pigments, etc., after ozone treatment, the Differentiate into safe substances that are harmless to humans.

Preservation: Ozone has been widely used in the storage of various foods in advanced regions in the United States, Japan, and Europe, which can extend the storage period of food and reduce the spoilage rate, so as to reduce losses and increase profits.

Bleaching: Because ozone has a strong oxidizing effect, it is a strong bleaching agent and can be used in laundry, food, and wastewater treatment.

Deodorization: Because ozone has a strong ability to oxidize and differentiate, it can quickly and completely eliminate various odors in the air and water.